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Mark A. Roseman, Attorney at law


Wells Fargo Bank Building

3325 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 308

Hollywood, FL.


Phone: (954) 963- 8719

Fax: (954) 534 - 7753


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Since 1980 Attorney Mark A. Roseman has represented many clients in the field of elder law and Medicaid planning. He has frequently helped his clients preserve their assets for the stay-at-home spouse when the first spouse enters a nursing home or a living assisted facility.

Attorney Mark A. Roseman has participated as a student and lecturer in many seminars on issues involving Medicaid planning, asset preservation, and other elder law matters. As a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys and the Academy of Florida Elder Law Attorneys, he has focused primarily on these issues as they related to senior citizens.

Attorney Mark A. Roseman has delivered talks on these same issues to support groups as A.L.S. caregivers and many other organizations in South Florida. He frequently speaks under the sponsorship of the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Miami. He can evaluate the suitability of equity indexed and other investments for seniors.

As a part of his Florida Elder Law and Medicaid practice Attorney Mark A. Roseman develops plans to help senior citizens and disabled individuals to qualify and maintain government benefits, including Florida Nursing Home Medicaid, Assisted Living Medicaid, Home Health Care when they have too many assets.

Education: Attorney Mark A. Roseman is a 1964 graduate of Dartmouth College. He graduated from Boston University Law School in 1967. Since 1980 he has practiced as a member of the Florida Bar.

Publications: Attorney Roseman publishes the monthly Elder Law Newsletter. This deals with issues such as Medicaid planning for those who wish to obtain long term nursing care without giving up their lifetime savings. He also publishes an Annual Nursing Home Guide. This gives seniors and their families guidance for selecting nursing homes and assisted living facilities. It suggests ways that even middle class families can preserve their assets.

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